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Everything under more construction than the Mar Landing. The year of lockdown has changed direction for many. New ideas and certainly a new World order. As a writer I feel years of expercience ahead before success. The creativity that drives that engine of literature. For now it writes the blueprints of many books while enjoying the therapy of delivering gourmet chips and the cottage industry of Ice Cream Art. These two stimulate the mind only in ways the books will explain.


So excited about my next book.




Chapter One:



The Dream Team of Colin of Cumbria. His vision of th evalleys. One person in stealth and mystery in charge of a thousand buttons. You cannot catch him. He is fablicious and as cool as he looks.


This new book idea gather velocity in my thoughts at four in th emorning so I just had to get up and write the foreword and synopsis. It is called Colin of Cumbria and his Calculating Campervan'. You cannot catch him. He is fab-licious and as cool as he looks. The plot is pure fiction yet is based on the premise of a true legend of a young man who led a celebrated yet secret life in the Lake District as he toured the hundreds of hotels and gastropubs who all had in the late eighties th emuch acclaimed SWP Pub Quiz machines. His gifted memory was no challenge to the software hard-drive. His soft drive was an old 1964 'Vintage' VW Camper Van he used by day in disguise as an Ice Cream Van he bought from years of washing pots in Patterdale. But at night to effortlessly empty the machines he choose his routines and attire. One night a hot woman. One night a dispirited old man. Next night a rock climbing mercurial tourist. He had more clothese and make-up than Mr Benn from 52 Festive Road London. Even Interpol if they wanted could not track him. He had the thinkingand magic of a locked-room magician and the disguises of a thousand chameleons. And his positive self-belief was infectious. And like the parody of the first book 'Brain the Size a Planet' you are introduced to his thought process and why he would wish to gather an encloypedic all-encompassing memory.  And the book contests many chapters of fantasy in this quirky life where he thrives alongside the effect and character of the 1964 VW Campervan that is almost anthropomorphic. This vehicle an imaged ego of it's own it has a mildly misfiring engine as almost to splutter and suggest the answers to the endless multiple choice questions that Colin of Cumbria has to learn. In his genius mind the Campervan is his only friend some socialite motorhome from Hanover Germany. Symbolic of their union their assembly of registration and nativity match they admirably share the same birthdate. It's lights wipers and tappets in their natural mechanical movement and patter he thinks talk to him. But Colin is in his own dream World of information. And the car even as a cult classic is influential in his thinking. Colin Cones Camper itself a digitary and lion of the Lakes.        A

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